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About Us

Obido Educational Toys was founded by a group of parents and educators with three clear goals in mind:

1) To ensure more safe, high-quality educational toys get into the hands of children in China

2) To supply toys that are age-appropriate and aid in the development of children

3) To provide educators with educational tools that will encourage their students to develop:

• Logic Skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Creativity

Why parents across China are turning to Obidotoys.com for children's products

Obidotoys.com is run and managed by expats with extensive experience living and working in China and backgrounds in early childhood education.

Products are sourced from safe, reliable sources that have been visited personally by our founder. We only work with manufactures that meet or exceed international standard for quality and sole distributors that we trust.

Founded by parents for parents

As parents ourselves, we know from first-hand experience that finding the products we want for our children, especially while living in China, isn't always easy.

Safety, quality and authenticity are a constant concern, even when making purchases at shopping centers and grocery store chains found across the country.

Child tested for safety and quality

Products are tested by our own children, before being added to our product catalogues and website.

When you shop with Obidotoys.com, you can be confident that you are supporting brands and services that care as much about the safety and well-being of children as you do.

Not just found in homes across China

Obidotoys.com works with international and local schools and kindergartens across China, providing classroom furnishings, toys, and art supplies.

If you're interested in seeing more products from Obidotoys.com in your child's school, feel free to introduce our website to your child's teacher, principal or contact us. We love helping schools choose the perfect learning materials for the children in their care.

Whether you're looking for better quality art supplies from Crayola, functional and stylish soft reading chairs and furnishings from P'kolino, wooden layer puzzles and table games from Beleduc, or some of the world's most fun educational wooden toys from Hape, we've got you covered.